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Creating a Colourful Canvas with Vinyl lettering

Posted by Wall Expressions on 29th Apr 2015

The birth of a child is a special occasion and deserves a special gift. How about making a present that will be loved and cherish forever? Or are you thinking of giving a hand-made gift for Mother's Day this year, that will really surprise her?

Here are the instructions on how to craft a personalised canvas with vinyl lettering personalised to your loved one  - because there is nothing treasured more than a handmade personalised gift! It is such a simple but beautiful idea that will be a lasting gift for years to come!

What you will need:

1. Outline your Colour Zones

If you want the different lettering on your canvas to show in different colours, the first thing you will need to do is outline which colour needs to go where. To do this, simply remove the backing paper from your decal and place the transfer with the vinyl loosely over the canvas. 

Use a pencil to outline the different parts directly on the canvas that you want to paint in a different colorur, so you know in the next step which areas to paint which colour. Make sure not to put any pressure on the vinyl, as you don't want it to stick to the canvas just yet. 

After all parts are outlined correctly, remove the transfer film with the vinyl from the canvas again. 


2. Paint the Canvas

Use different acrylic paints of your choice to paint the canvas. Paint the different parts of the canvas in your favourite colours along the pencil lines until all parts of the canvas are covered with paint. Make sure to let the paint fully dry before moving on to the next step. 


3. Apply Vinyl Decal

Now it's time to apply your decal to the canvas. Make sure that all the letters sit exactly where you want them to. Then use a credit card or squeegee ( to firmly rub the decal onto the canvas. For a larger canvas, you might want to put something firm such as a book underneath it, to make sure you can put enough pressure on the vinyl. Next, remove the transfer sheet, making sure that the vinyl lettering remains on the canvas. 

Once the letters are on, just ensure that all letters firmly adhere to the canvas, as you wouldn't want any of them to be lose and paint getting underneath the letter.

4. Paint Cover Coat

Use your foam roller to paint the covering coats onto your canvas. Make sure you only use a small amount of paint for each coat, as too much paint at once will cause the paint to get under the letters. After the first coat, you will most likely still see the other colours shining through. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applyign the next coat. You might need 2-4 coats, depending on the colours.

Make sure to paint the sides of the canvas as well. Your canvas should be covered nicely all around once you're finished painting it, and no other colours should be shining through anymore.


5. Remove Vinyl Lettering

Once the acrylic paint has fully dried, start removing the vinyl lettering. You will need a sharp craft knife to do this. Carefully lift up each vinyl letter and remove it from the canvas. Be careful not to poke through the canvas, as this will leave small holes. 

Now Admire your Finished Canvas!

Once all vinyl letters are removed, your colourful canvas is done and ready to be applied to the wall!