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Framing a Vinyl Decal

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A friend's wedding was the inspiration for this very personal wedding gift - a framed vinyl decal on glass! The frame includes their (new) surname, their first names and the wedding date. 

It's a great keepsake for many years to come and while other wedding guests are busy buying boring kitchen stuff, this present will definitely score high in the creativity rating!! It's simple but yet so clever and effective - and using the right font and colours will make sure that the new wall art fits in perfectly with the rest of the home decoration! 

For this particular famed decal, we have used black and gold vinyl. Black matches the frame and is easy to read, while gold just adds a bit of shimmer and elegance. 

What you will need:

  • Vinyl lettering in your preferred colour and font (order from www.wallexpressions.com.au)
  • Photo Frame
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors
  • Squeegee or Credit Card
  • Coloured background paper (if desired)


1. Tape the first decal to your glass frame

Clean your frame glass to avoid fingerprints and dirt getting stuck on the glass.  

Make sure before you tape your first decal to the glass that the decal is straight and exactly where you want it to be. Ie. the distance from left to right should be the same. Then use two small tape strips and fix the decal to the glass.


2. Remove backing paper

Remove the first half of the backing paper by carefully peeling the transfer film with the decal off the backing paper and then simply cut the backing paper off. 


3. Apply the 1st decal half to the glass

Starting on the inside of the sticker and working your way out, carefully fold the transfer film back onto the glass while using a squeegee (or credit card) and carefully smooth over your decal until it is fully stuck to the glass.  



4. Apply the 2nd decal half to the glass

Now remove the backing paper from the other half of your decal while holding the decal up. Carefully adhere the second decal half to the glass, working your way from the inside towards the outside. 


5. Remove transfer film

Wait a few minutes to give the decal a chance to adhere to the glass. Then, starting in one corner, peel the transfer film off the glass and decal by carefully peeling it back. It is easier if you pull the transfer film at a 180 degree angle. Make sure all edges of each letter fully adhere to the glass. 


6. Adhere decal #2 to the glass

It's now time to apply the second sticker on top of the first sticker. As you did with the first sticker (step 1), stick the second decal with some masking tape onto the glass. Make sure not to stick any tape onto the vinyl underneath. That might not only leave glue residue, but could also cause you to pull up the first sticker when you remove the masking tape again. 


7. Apply decal #2

To apply the second sticker, simply repeat steps 2-4 above with the second decal. It is always a good idea to use a more dominant colour on top to make sure that the writing is easily readable. It's a good idea to leave the decals in this state for a few minutes to give the glue some time to work, that way it will be easier to remove the transfer film. 


8. Remove transfer film for decal #2

Then carefully peel the transfer film for the second decal off the glass and the decals underneath. Again, make sure all vinyl parts stick to the glass. 


9. Frame your decal

Once the transfer film is removed, you can put your glass back in the frame. Depending on your colour scheme, you might want to use a coloured background paper to suit the decal colours as well as the interior of the wall art recipient. 

Alternatively, you might not want to use a background paper at all and just have the glass sitting directly on the wall for a special effect. In our case, we used a white background paper to ensure that the writing really stands out as a feature. But the possibilities are endless and you can be as creative as you like!!


And here is the final gold & black vinyl framed wedding decal: 

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