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Butterfly School

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Butterflies are an ever so popular wall art, however, this "Butterfly School" Wall Decal will certainly bring a smile to every face - small or big! The butterflies come in 5 different sizes per pack and you can be as creative as you wish in applying them to your wall! Make them fly away as a school or just stick them randomly on your wall - they will make your heart jump either way!!

Package includes:

57 x Individually cut Butterflies

  • 20pcs x 6cm (W) Butterflies
  • 15pcs x 10cm (W) Butterflies
  • 10pcs x 12.5cm (W) Butterflies
  • 7pcs x 15cm (W) Butterflies
  • 5pcs x 18cm (W) Butterflies

1 x Application Instructions
1 x Small Test Decal