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These cheery cheerleader girls are such a fun way to decorate your wall! And you can arrange them as you like, as they come on 3 separate sheets!

Custom Sizes:


  • Cheerleader 1: 40x20cm
  • Cheerleader 2: 30x25cm
  • Cheerleader 3: 30x20cm


  • Cheerleader 1: 35x70cm
  • Cheerleader 2: 35x40cm
  • Cheerleader 3: 50x35cm


  • Cheerleader 1: 55x110cm
  • Cheerleader 2: 70x60cm
  • Cheerleader 3: 75x60cm

Package includes:

  • 3 x Wall Decals, rolled up
  • 1 x Application Instructions