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Cocktail Bar

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If you are looking for various smaller decals for your kitchen or bar area, the "Cocktail Bar" wall sticker is the perfect decal for you. Consisting of one mixer and a variety of 14 different cocktail glasses, this decal can easily transform a borning room into a party area! Each cocktail glass can be placed individually, so depending on the space you have, it can fit anywhere. And you can get really creative with this wall decoration.


  • Small:  each cocktail shaker is approx. 15cm high (45x45cm)
  • Medium: each cocktail shaker is approx. 25cm high (70x70cm)
  • Large: each cocktail shaker is approx. 35cm high (100x100cm)

Package includes:

  • 15 x Wall Decals supplied on individual sheets
  • 1 x Application Instructions