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How do you pull a look together?  Choosing the right colour for your wall decal can really bring a room together and add a great touch of personality & style.

Our range of vinyl colours come in a beautiful matte finish to really accent your room and to achieve the "painted" look that makes our vinyl decals so special.

Metallic vinyl: For some paints, particularly dirt-repellent “wash-and-wear” paints, Metallic Vinyl Decals can be a bit trickier to install than standard colour vinyl decals. If you are unsure if these decals will be suitable for your home, please contact us for a sample before ordering your decal. 

Please note: All our vinyl is matte, interior vinyl (not glossy, reflective foil), including the metallic vinyl range. To request a colour sample, please click here

NOTE: Actual colours may vary from the colour on your screen due to monitor colour restrictions.