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What are vinyl wall decals?

Wall decals are modern wall stickers that are removable again. Our wall decals are made from top quality vinyl made in Germany.  It is very thin, flexible vinyl film, that creates a stunning "wall-tattoo" effect on your wall, without the use of paint or glue. Our vinyl wall decals are backed with a special adhesive, specifically designed for the application on interior walls and other smooth surfaces, such as windows and mirrors. 

How does the sizing work?

The size refers to the full height and width of the product, as outlined in the image below. The width is measured from left to right, the height is measured from top to bottom. The smaller size is generally displayed first - this can be the height or width of your wall decal. Please note that sizing can vary up to 5cm each way. If you are unsure about the height and width of your decal, please contact us. We highly recommend that you measure your wall space before placing your order to avoid disappointment.


What methods of payment are accepted?

We use Braintree, an encrypted and secure payment gateway as an End-to-end payment solution.  We accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit Cards through Braintree, PayPal and Direct Debit. Direct deposits are available to our Australian customers only. Please note we do not directly handle or store any financial information and therefore we only accept online orders. 

Do you customise decals?

Yes, we love to customise decals! Whether you want a custom quote, other custom lettering, a smaller or larger size (propotionally) quote or decal or a reversed design, simply send us an email with all the details of what you want your decal to be like, and we will make it into a decal. Find out more about custom decals here.

What types of surfaces can the wall decals be applied to?

Our Wall Decals can be applied to just about any clean, smooth and weather-resistant interior surface that is free of dust, grease, or other contaminates. Wall Decals may not adhere to heavily-textured surfaces but can adhere to lightly textured walls. We strongly discourage installation of wall decals on certain surfaces such as brick, stucco, concrete block, suede paints, and sand paints.

Will your wall decals adhere to all paints?

Our wall decals are made from highest quality interior vinyl and are designed for interior application and therefore install on the most common types of home interior paints. However, as every surface is different, we recommend the application of a test sample before applying your wall decal. Contact us for a test (colour) sample here before placing your order to ensure your surface is suitable for the application of our wall decals.

Are vinyl decals reusable?

While our vinyl wall decals are removable, they are not reusable. They are sinfle-use only.  Hence, you won't be able to apply it in one room and then take the same decal off your wall and apply it in another room. The decals are made from a very thin vinyl film, which gives it the amazing 'tattoo-like' effect on the wall, but also causes the vinyl to tear when removing it from the wall.

Can I apply a wall decal to a newly painted wall?

Freshly painted walls should be allowed to cure for at least 4-6 weeks before you apply your wall decals. The reason we recommend such long waiting periods is that paint takes a long time to fully dry, even if it is touch dry. If applying earlier than the recommended waiting time, you risk taking some paint off when removing the decal at a later stage. 

How do I remove a wall decal?

Visit our Removal Video here to view how easy it is to remove our vinyl decals. The environment and surface temperature should be at least +20°C when removing a wall decal.

Will the wall decal damage my wall?

When walls have been prepared as recommended and properly maintained after application of the wall decal, there should be no wall damage when wall decals are removed. Please be aware that, as not all surfaces are the same, there is potential for wall damage - particularly when the decal is applied on old paint that easily chips off. To test if your surface is suitable for our wall decals, you can request a test decal from us here, or simply test it by applying a piece of masking tape on your wall. If the masking tape peels the paint off, then you have poor paintwork and your wall is not suitable for wall decal application.

Will the wall decal leave sticky residue upon removal?

Typically, our wall decals do not leave a sticky residue; however, several factors can affect this, including the length of time the wall decal has been displayed on a surface. If some residue remains upon removal of a wall decal, use varnish thinner or other residue removers to remove it. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid damage to your surface.

Can I wash the wall decal once it has been applied?

Yes. We recommend that you use a soft cloth or sponge dampened with cool water to clean your wall decal. Avoid using cleaners that contain alcohol, abrasives, citrus additives, or ammonias. When a wall decal is applied on a window or mirror, take special care to avoid glass cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, or citrus additives.

How exact are the sizes displayed online? 

The sizes displayed online can vary up to 5cm either side. Please contact us before purchasing your decal if you require the exact sizing of a wall sticker.   

Will my wall decal crack, peel, fade, or warp?

When a wall decal has been applied as directed and is protected from direct sunlight and harsh weather, you should not have issues with cracking, peeling, fading, or warping.

How long will the wall decal last after it has been applied to a surface?

Our wall decals are not intended for permanent application; however, they can last for months or years depending on the surface and environment.

How long can I store my wall decals before applying to the wall?

Although wall decals can be stored for quite some time depending on storage conditions, we strongly recommend that you apply your wall decals quickly (within 72 hours of receipt) for the best results. However, if you intend to store your decal for a longer period before applying, make sure to store it unrolled in a climate controlled location.

What is sun fade and what causes it?

Sun fade, also known as shading or ghosting, can occur when exposure to sunlight causes a surface to fade or darken. For example, framed art can prevent the wall treatment behind it from fading at the same rate as the rest of the wall because sunlight never reaches it. When the art is moved to a new position on the wall, a darker spot remains. The same thing can happen with a wall decal depending on its placement, the amount of light it receives, and the surface to which it is applied. Sun fading can happen to almost any surface regardless of the treatment applied (paint, fabric, stain, lacquer, and so on), but it is most common with oil-based paint.

Will bathroom humidity damage a wall decal?

No. Once applied, wall decals can withstand the heat and humidity generated in a bathroom environment. However, please be aware that prolonged exposure to heat and humidity will weaken the adhesive over time. While you can apply your decals in the bathroom, make sure that they don't regularly get wet - they are not suitable for use in the shower. 

Are the colours on the website exact colour matches to the product I’ll receive?

We make every effort to accurately represent product colours. However, due to the nature of computer monitors, the actual colour of products may vary slightly. Please click here to order a colour sample. 

Is there an allergy risk with your product?

The adhesives used on our wall decal contain natural rubber latex. If you have an allergy to latex, use caution when applying any wall decal.

I installed a wall decal, but it is starting to peel off.  What do I do?

If part of your wall decal starts to come off the surface, use a hair dryer on low heat and warm up the decal and press on it firmly. This will help the tackiness of the wall decal glue. Please make sure not to overheat the wall, as both the wall paint and the vinyl decal can melt!  If this method doesn't help, use washable glue, such as wallpaper paste, to reattach it. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Can I apply a wall decal above a cot?

Please always use caution placing a decal above your baby's cot as it can be a suffocation hazard. As every wall is different, we can't guarantee that your decal won't fall or peel off, or the child peels the decal off the wall. Make sure the child cannot reach the decal, and the decal cannot fall onto the crib. We especially recommend not to apply a solid decal above or near a cot.

How long will it take for my new wall sticker to arrive?

For production and shipping times, please click here


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