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Wedding Mirror

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Do you want to personalise your wedding venue with gorgeous, customised decor? This is a great idea how to make the most important day in your life even a little more special! This customisable decal is perfect for mirror, windows or wallt and adds a romantic, personal touch to any venue. You can also use it as a wall decal for your save-the-day cards or simply as a reminder of your big day that says in your home with you. 

 Note: Decal only, Mirror is NOT included!!!

How do I get the right Size?

Measure your mirror's width and length (this is only the mirror, not the frame) and type it into the field above. You then choose the size range in which the length falls. So for example if your mirror is 67cm wide, the range would be 60-70cm. This will provide you with the correct pricing and we know how to design your mirror so it fits just right! 

Package includes:

  • 1 x Wall Decal on a single sheet, rolled up
  • 1 x Application Instructions